October 14, 2019

4 Reasons Why People Shouldn’t Take Illicit D rugs

We are more likely to succeed in the war against drugs if we fight it from the demand side. Look at it this way: if there wasn’t demand for the illicit drugs, the supply chains would have to die out. Most of the previous efforts in the war against drugs have been targeting the supply side. I think it is time we changed tact, and focused on the demand side. And one way in which we can win the war against drugs from the demand side is by getting people to understand exactly why they shouldn’t take the drugs. That is where we come to learn that the 4 main reasons as to why people shouldn’t take illicit drugs include the facts that:
1. Illicit drugs can destroy their physical health
2. Illicit drugs can destroy their mental health
3. Illicit drugs can mess up their relationships
4. Illicit drugs can mess up their finances.
The last bit, about illicit drugs having potential to mess up people’s finances, requires special emphasis. we are living in a world where money matters a great deal. Therefore, anything that has potential to mess up your finances should be avoided at all costs. Drugs are definitely in that category of things that can totally and completely mess up ones finances. You occasionally come across someone who is always so stoned that they can’t even manage to, say, respond to capital one mail offer. Obviously, that is the sort of person who can’t even create a budget or balance a checkbook. And these are the sorts of people whose finances end up deteriorating to a level where they easily become homeless… You need to aim to get people to see the potential of illicit drugs usage to get them into these sorts of predicaments. With that sort of insight, it would be very hard for someone who isn’t yet hooked onto illicit drugs to get themselves into that trap.