October 14, 2019

Enlisting Teachers in the War Against Drugs

If we want to be successful in the war against drugs, we need to enlist schoolteachers. This is because many people start their drug habits while still at school — hat is, while still under the care of their teachers. And once they start their drug habits, it is usually just a matter of time […]

4 Reasons Why People Shouldn’t Take Illicit D rugs

We are more likely to succeed in the war against drugs if we fight it from the demand side. Look at it this way: if there wasn’t demand for the illicit drugs, the supply chains would have to die out. Most of the previous efforts in the war against drugs have been targeting the supply […]

Using Border Control Departments in the War Against Drugs

If the war against drugs is to be won, it will be necessary to enlist the help of border control departments. After all, the drugs trade is a transnational trade. Thus, while you may have succeeded in eliminating the internal drugs sources within your nation, there is still the possibility of drugs from other nations […]

The Top 4 Reasons Why People Start Using Drugs

If we are to win in the war against drugs, we first need to understand how and why people use the drugs. Only then can we come up with strategies to fight the war against drugs from the demand side. And this would be important, because efforts to fight the war against drugs from the […]

Three Important Areas to Focus on When Waging the War Against Drugs

There are some three important areas that require great attention, when waging the war against drugs. If the war against drugs is to be won, these three areas have to be dealt with properly. In other words, these three are the main areas where effort should be focused, when waging the war against drugs. Firstly, […]

Important Milestones in the War Against Drugs

It is difficult to understand whether we are making progress in the war against drugs or not. Sometimes, looking at the figures, one gets discouraged: as drug usage levels seem to be going up, with new ‘designer’ drugs being introduced into the market every other day. Clearly, this is not a war where progress can […]

Taking the War Against Drugs to Colleges

If the war against drugs is to be won, then it has to be taken to colleges. This is because many of the people who have fallen victim to drug use did so while at college. The college environment is one that is very conducive to the sale and use of illegal drugs. You find, […]

Proper Parenting and the War Against Drugs

One of the key pillars in the war against drugs is that of proper parenting. If all parents and guardians took their role seriously, and if all parents and guardians adopted proper parenting practices, we wouldn’t have a drugs problem in the society. To appreciate the truth behind these statements, you have to take a […]

Why the War Against Illegal Drugs is Pretty Much Unwinnable

Last week, while reading a newspaper article on the war against illegal drugs, I suddenly realized that it is an unwinnable war. The war against illegal drugs is pretty much unwinnable because the people who are involved in the trafficking and distribution of illegal drugs (the top kingpins) are very powerful and, apparently, very well […]

Why Some Nations Have Opted to Legalize Certain Drugs

More and more nations are opting to legalize certain drugs. One drug that is increasingly being legalized is Marijuana. The debate on whether or not to legalize such drugs is always an emotive one. But when all is said and done, the people who argue in favor of legalization tend to end up winning the […]