October 14, 2019

What Will it Take for the War Against Drugs to be Won?

Any honest person will tell you that the war against illicit drugs is far from being won. It actually seems as if no headway is being made in the fight against drugs. The people who are involved in the drug trade are prospering. Meanwhile, millions of lives around the world are being destroyed. And the […]

What is the Best Use for the Monetary Components in Drug Awards?

As we have seen in previous blog posts, some drug awards happen to have monetary components. These are cases where the winners of a given drug award are given some cash, as part of the award. In some cases, the winners of a drug award may be given a trophy (or some other similar symbol […]

Simple Strategies You Can Use to Make Drug Awards to be More Meaningful

It is easy to get the impression that drug awards are meaningless. Let’s take, for instance, a situation where the awardees are just given cheap trophies or certificates, with no money on top, and in nondescript ceremonies held in nondescript venues. In this situation, it is possible for the awardees to actually feel slighted, by […]

Unique Categories of People Who Should be Considered for Drug Awards

Most of the drug awards schemes that I am aware of focus (almost entirely) on people who are visibly involved in the ‘war against drugs’. This is how we end up with a situation where, in most cases, the drug awards go to the ‘activists’ who run various ‘community organizations’ whose work revolves around the […]

Should There be a Monetary Component in Drug Awards?

A question that often arises, whenever drug awards are being organized, is as to whether there should be monetary components attached to such awards. This, in other words, is simply a question as to whether the people who are given trophies (and other tokens of appreciation) in drug awards should also be given monetary gifts. […]

The Real Benefit of Drug Awards

There is no financial reward attached to the drug awards. All that there is to drug awards is a certificate and a trophy. Given this fact, one is bound to encounter the question as to whether the awards are worth aspiring for. This, in other words, is a question as to whether the awards are […]