September 16, 2019

Proper Parenting and the War Against Drugs

One of the key pillars in the war against drugs is that of proper parenting. If all parents and guardians took their role seriously, and if all parents and guardians adopted proper parenting practices, we wouldn’t have a drugs problem in the society. To appreciate the truth behind these statements, you have to take a closer look at the anatomy of the drugs problem, from the demand side. The question to ask yourself here is the one as to why people use drugs. What makes people to desire drugs? And as you dig deeper in that direction, you will come to understand that people mostly use drugs to numb the effects of low self-esteem. This is to say that people feel bad about themselves, and to feel better, they decide to use drugs. Furthermore, people usually start using drugs due to negative peer pressure. And the people (usually as kids) who yield to such negative peer pressure tend to be those who have low levels of self-esteem.

Now it is well appreciated that there is a connection between the parenting practices we use and the levels of self-esteem our kids end up with. Thus, to the extent that proper parenting practices can give rise to a generation with high self-esteem, we are also likely to end up with a generation that is less prone to drug abuse.

The question that comes up, at this point, is as to how we can get people to embrace the proper parenting practices. And the answer to this question is that we need to educate people, and regularly remind them of the need for them to use proper parenting practices. The messages in favor of proper parenting practices should be everywhere: in trains, in buses, in churches, in community centers, in mosques… pretty much everywhere. We can even rope employers in: like where, upon going past the Kroger employee login screen (on the Kroger employee portal), an employee is confronted with a message encouraging him or her to embrace proper parenting practices. And if we can get the entire society to embrace proper parenting, we are likely to reap many other benefits in the future, on top of winning the war against drugs.