October 15, 2019

Should There be a Monetary Component in Drug Awards?

A question that often arises, whenever drug awards are being organized, is as to whether there should be monetary components attached to such awards. This, in other words, is simply a question as to whether the people who are given trophies (and other tokens of appreciation) in drug awards should also be given monetary gifts. Opinion on this subject is greatly divided – which is understandable, given the controversies surrounding the whole subject of money as a motivator.

drug zazzleThere are those who argue in favor of a monetary component in drug awards. They say that through the monetary component, the drug awards can be made to be more worthwhile, more meaningful if you like. Thus, when a monetary component is included in the awards, even individuals and organizations that didn’t initially take the awards very seriously start doing so. It is easy to see where this argument comes from. We have to appreciate, for instance, that most of the people who log into HR websites — like, for instance, the UPS HR website at Upsers.com — tend to do so in a bid to see get more information about their (monetary) earnings.  These include the employees who have jobs that are otherwise intrinsically rewarding: like those in UPS tracking and UPS parcel operations departments. This only goes to demonstrate that money really matters. And for better or worse, the inclusion of a monetary component in drug awards would have a huge impact.

Then, of course, there are those who argue against a monetary component in drug awards. They say that through the work that is done by the people and organizations that fight drugs can’t be adequately rewarded through money. They therefore argue that having a monetary component in drug awards would only serve to ‘cheapen’ the awards. Further, they argue that having a monetary component in the drug awards would make the organization of the awards an expensive affair. It could as well lead to malpractices in the awards — especially if the monetary rewards are sizeable — as money has also been known to be a great tempter.