October 14, 2019

Using Border Control Departments in the War Against Drugs

If the war against drugs is to be won, it will be necessary to enlist the help of border control departments. After all, the drugs trade is a transnational trade. Thus, while you may have succeeded in eliminating the internal drugs sources within your nation, there is still the possibility of drugs from other nations coming into your territory. There is also the risk of your nation being turned into a transit hub for drugs – especially if you don’t involve border control in the war against drugs. If that happens, a lot of money would be generated in the process. This money can then be used by the drug dealers to buy influence. The end result would be a situation where your nation is turned into a narco-state, complete with the instability that comes with the status…

Given those grim realities, it is not hard to see why it makes sense to enlist the help of border control departments in the war against drugs. Using border control departments in the war against drugs entails:

  1. Hiring people of integrity to work in border control: these should be the sorts of people who can’t be compromised by drug dealers.
  2. Training border control staff on the war against drugs: the objective is to ensure that the border control staff view the war against drugs as part of their core mandate. Thus, the training you give them in this regard should be on an ongoing basis. You can even create a staff portal, similar to American Airline’s Jetnet portal, through which you’d be conducting training for your border control staff on an ongoing basis.
  3. Paying the border control staff well: if you don’t pay the border control staff well, there is a risk that they could be open to being bribed by the drug dealers. Thus paying the border control staff well is an important aspect of the war against drugs.